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Network of Peer Guiding Studying Abroad Journey

KPG means “… and then we share”. We shares knowledge information and offers consultations in accordance with needs and interests of students. We put the emphasis on three principles including 1) Transparency of information, 2) Respect for differences and diversity, and 3) Care for students’ learning and development.

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Company Introduction

KorPunGun (KPG) was established in 2014 as an ordinary partnership, and it was upgraded to a limited company in 2017. Our core business is KorPunGun Center for Overseas Education (KPG – ก้อปันกัน) providing services to those interested in studying abroad in the United States of America and Canada as well as those interested in studying English language programs in the Philippines. In 2020, KPG expands its business to promote and recruit students to study English language online with its English Language Academy partner overseas, and developed its own online learning platform for English language and Communication learners to self-study to improve their knowledge and skills in English language and communications.