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Department Mission

The mission involves identifying the conditions and needs of customers in order to help them explore options, plan, and make decisions to apply and prepare to study abroad through KPG. To perform the mission effectively, those involved shall consistently keep themselves up to date and research on information related to educational institutions and programs overseas under their in-charge areas.


To help the organization grow by consulting its potential customers to learn and choose education institutions and programs overseas.


Providing prospective students with guidance and help in making informed decisions for their studying abroad experience with an array of questions for instance personal, academic, career goals as well as program and institutional options.

  • Sharing contents/insights on areas of your expertise/insight that would help prospects choose KPG's services and clients make informed decisions and prepared to study abroad.
  • Attending to prospects' concerns about social, academic, or personal circumstances.
  • Conducting evaluations on prospects' conditions, needs, preferences, and potential to become a client.
  • Giving prospects assistance in exploring options and understanding requirements.
  • Giving prospects guidance on the timeline and appropriate preparation.
  • Helping students with scholarships, college, preparation before departure, and adjustment after arrivals.
  • Experiences in studying abroad. Work experience while studying abroad is preferred.
  • Experiences or are interested in developing skills and experiences in the following areas: customer services, digital marketing, and technological usages for productivity and remote work.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Able to recognize and respond to prospects' requirements.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Being patient and compassionate.
  • Honesty.
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